Book Review: Logolounge Master Library - Shapes and Symbols


Volume 3 of the Logolounge Master Library by Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner features 3000 Shape and Symbol logos.

Volume 3, like Volumes 1 and 2 features an introduction section with a few short case studies and a couple of interviews from experienced designers, in this case Steff Geissbuhler, Jerry Kuyper, and Hans Hulsboch. 

Saul Bass once said to me that something becomes a cliche because it’s understood and it works. He didn’t try to avoid cliches but worked with these familiar associations and presented them in a fresh manner. In fact, combining two familiar components has been a very fertile ground for me.

Jerry Kuyper

Logos using similar shapes are grouped together making it an easy scan and flick through the pages. The symbols portion features hearts, flames, arrows, stars, crosses and others.

If you have Volumes 1 and 2, then you know how nice these books are to gather ideas from and to see what has been done before.

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