Work For Money, Design For Love

Just got done reading David Airey's new book Work For Money, Design For Love and it's full of great insights for designers looking to start their own design business. Well done David. The book was of particular interest to me since there is a short passage written by yours truly. Actually, it's more like a quote, but none the less it is an honor to be included in the book - however small my contribution may have been.


I have followed David's blog for a couple of years now and also read his first book Logo Design Love, so earlier this year, when he asked for contributions from his readers for his upcoming book aimed at designers, I offered up a bit from my own past experience on writing design contracts and what should be included.

I had already pre-ordered the new book when I got notice from David that my passage would be included and he would like to send me a copy. So I'll be passing off my extra copy to my family.

The book is - not surprisingly - an easy read. David keeps things simple and easy to understand and I'd say about half of it is his experience and the other half the experience of his contributors. There are some really valuable insights in the book and some of the best ones are more about what not to do. 

Starting a business of any kind is a huge undertaking. If you are starting a design business, this covers pretty much everything you need to get started. Chances are you will make mistakes along the way so read this book and hopefully you'll make less of them.