Graphic Design San Francisco - Retro logo Goodness

Came across this nice little design book in a local book store for a couple bucks. It compiles packaging, corporate graphics and some of the best logo designs from San Francisco designers and agencies from the 70’s. It’s a gem of retro goodies. The cover was pretty beat up, so I tore it off; I have a love, hate relationship with book covers anyways, and most of my hardcovers usually end up bare.

Landor Associates is (of course) the most interesting agency profiled and it’s fun to see what once was, compared to what these brands look like today. Many of the logos look really dated now. Perhaps because they have been changed and I’ve gotten so used to their new iterations. For example; the Levi’s logo looks as good and contemporary as ever but I wonder if I wouldn’t think the same of the old Bank of America logo had it remained the same.

I found this point of purchase poster for Crystal Geyser and it made me wish they would go back to using their old identity which is far more attractive than the logo on their bottles now


Most of these logo designs by San Francisco’s Primo Angeli have stood the test of time, Boudin, Capri Sun and Henry Weinhard’s have gone virtually unchanged for 30 + years.

Love this retro Mauna Loa logo.

And it looks like Abercrombie didn’t always target just teen boys and girls. This is a good example of how brands can change over time. Clearly A&F had a more upscale clientele in mind in this ad that predates the use of provocative advertising that we see from them nowadays.

Not an essential book, but fun to poke through very now and then. If you want to get a copy of Graphic Design San Francisco it’s available on Amazon