5 questions to determine whether it's time for a new logo

Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s the right time to look for a logo designer. With that in mind I put together a few questions that might help you decide whether or not your current logo is serving your brand.

However, maybe you’ve just started a new business and you don’t have a logo yet. If that’s the case, the first two questions (at the very least) are what you should be hoping to achieve when you decide to invest in a new logo. 

1. Is your logo appropriate?

Logos are expressive. They have spirit. If your business is kids toys, you wouldn’t want your logo to come off as serious. And if you’re a divorce lawyer, a whimsical typeface is last thing you would want to represent your image. These examples are fairly obvious, but it’s not always so. Knowing the history and nuances of type selection and symbols helps to express the right image for your business. Above all, I believe that your logo should look professional. 

2. Is your logo memorable?

Often times the key to this is simplicity. If your logo is filled with gradients, bevels, glowing edges and all sorts of effects it may come off as cluttered and you may want invest in a new logo. Think about the most memorable brands: Apple, Nike, IBM, etc., they all use really simple symbols for their logos and that makes them easy to remember.

3. Was your logo done by a professional?

First impressions matter. It’s tempting to have your nephew or friend or even yourself take a crack at creating the logo for your business, but your logo is a major part of your company’s image. Often it’s the first contact your customers make with your brand. If it looks cheap or unprofessional, you could be losing clients to your competitors even if you provide a better service or product. 

4. Is your business diversifying?

Maybe your company is changing and your old logo is not quite representing you the way it used to. If you’ve grown into a different category or sector even, it might be time to rethink your logo.

5. Has your business recently gone through a merger or ownership change?

If this is the case, a redesign might help reinvigorate your company and signal change to any customers who might have been turned off by a prior experience with the brand.


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, but are still not sure, get in touch for a free brand evaluation. I would be happy to take a look at your current brand or logo, and give you advice on what can be improved.