Cafe Viante Coffee PACKAGING

Brand Identity Development, Packaging Design

With the boom in gourmet coffee roasters around the world, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to capture the quality of fresh roasted coffee and combine it with the convenience of a single-serve espresso machine. And that's exactly what the team behind Cafe Viante did. 

We came onboard to help them redesign the identity and packaging for their Signature Collection. The goal was to create a luxury feel and position them at the top of the coffee capsule market.  Doing so, also helped the team have confidence when approaching big-box retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and World Market to want to get it on their shelves.   

We designed a complete visual identity including logo/wordmark, color palette, typography system and packaging.  


Avantcha Tea Packaging

Brand Naming, Tagline Development, Brand Identity Development

Avantcha is a luxury tea brand startup from Dubai. 

We took them through a naming process to find a name that would communicate the cutting edge tea blends that make the brand unique. We landed on Avantcha as a combination of avant-garde and cha (cha means tea in Chinese). We also developed the tagline The Advance of Tea to support the brand.  

A complete visual identity was designed including: logo/wordmark, color palette and a complete typography system. 

The Tailory

Brand Naming, Tagline Development, Brand Identity Development

The Tailory is an NYC bespoke suit and shirt maker targeting young professional men and women wanting to look and feel their best in professional settings.

Vadas Design was brought on to develop a fashion brand, including the name, tagline and visual brand identity.

Starting with the naming process, we narrowed it down to 4 names. We choose The Tailory because of it's descriptiveness and flexibility. 

The tagline "Own Your Style" came from the idea that you are taking charge or "owning" your style by getting something custom fit. It also communicates the confidence you feel when you are comfortable in your own skin/clothes.

Nothing is worse than an off the rack, cheap, ill fitting suit. When something doesn't fit, you feel awful.  Well when it's custom tailored to you, you OWN IT instead of it owning you.

It also conveys the sense of power and responsibility in taking your style into your own hands. The mindset is that you are taking the time (and paying a premium) to get the right fit. 

An elegant custom lettered logotype design was developed to represent the brand. 

Ellie Sojourn

Brand Identity Design, Editorial Design


Ellie Sojourn is an online magazine focused on interior design for the hospitality trade. It features interviews from design agencies and hospitality trade insiders and showcases beautiful properties.

We developed the brand identity, including logo, color palette and typography. 

After creating the visual identity, we stayed on to bring it all together in the online magazine and to help transfer the identity to the website. 



VVV Labels

Brand Identity Design, Packaging, Label Design

Brand identity design and label design for a Sierra Foothills winery in California.


Angie Silvy Photography

Branding, Stationery 

Angie Silvy is an award winning international Photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Angie gave us simple instructions to come up with something that conveyed a modern style, that she loved Palm Springs, the colors white and lime green, and in her words, “no girly shit”.

Palm Springs has a rich modern design history and was the obvious place to start.  The mark is inspired by designers like Trina Turk, David Hicks and Jonathan Adler and the patterns in their work. 




Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets

Brand Identity, Label Design

Sugar Knife is an Oakland based small-batch candy company selling gourmet marshmallows, lollipops and whiskey brittle.

They are a really cool company and were recently featured on CNBC's Restaurant Startup -They are going places.

We were contracted to design their logo and packaging labels.




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