Reviews from Past Clients

I contacted Ian after previously employing two other designers to re-brand FreshFolios, a start up I’ve acquired. The difference with Ian was immediately clear and encouraging. He was able to lead me through his process helping me work through some really difficult questions to lay the foundation for the brand in writing before ever putting pencil to paper. He get’s it. And it is reflected in the work he produces. I’m more than happy with the result and the experience was great. Ian does what he says he’s going to do and that makes him my first choice for any future consultation or work I’ll have done."- Drew Robinson,  Front-end Software Engineer, Entrepreneur


Ian has made the logo-branding process painless.  From our initial meeting to the end result, it only took a few weeks.  Ian listened to what I was looking for and really cared about delivering a quality product.  I am looking forward to working with Ian on my next project.
Kathleen Harrison Photography

Ian made me feel involved from the start of the process.  His organization and attention to detail were immediately apparent, and he kept me informed as he progressed with the task of designing our non-profit’s logo.  
As a non-profit, we didn’t want a flashy logo. We needed one that was inexpensive to reproduce on printed materials, T-shirts, and caps and projects the professionalism needed to assist with effective fund-raising.  Ian’s listening skills were effective in filling all these criteria.  , 
Michael Glow- Director of Development FEESA