The Tailory

Brand Naming, Tagline Development, Brand Identity Development

The Tailory is an NYC bespoke suit and shirt maker targeting young professional men and women wanting to look and feel their best in professional settings.

Vadas Design was brought on to develop a fashion brand, including the name, tagline and visual brand identity.

Starting with the naming process, we narrowed it down to 4 names. We choose The Tailory because of it's descriptiveness and flexibility. 

The tagline "Own Your Style" came from the idea that you are taking charge or "owning" your style by getting something custom fit. It also communicates the confidence you feel when you are comfortable in your own skin/clothes.

Nothing is worse than an off the rack, cheap, ill fitting suit. When something doesn't fit, you feel awful.  Well when it's custom tailored to you, you OWN IT instead of it owning you.

It also conveys the sense of power and responsibility in taking your style into your own hands. The mindset is that you are taking the time (and paying a premium) to get the right fit. 

An elegant custom lettered logotype design was developed to represent the brand.